Calgary, AB

Hello World

I'm Shelly!

Data Scientist


              Data Professional by day and Digital Creator by night. I'm equipped with an education in software engineering and data science; have hobbies in content creation to document my travels and journey as a women in tech; and am an active spin class student!


What I do best.


Data Science

Taking data analysis to the next level using statistics, model creation or advanced techniques helps to create depth in our insights.


  • Descriptive Modelling: Cluster analysis, decision trees, PCA, statistical analysis
  • Predictive Modelling: Regression, time-series, natural language processing
  • Data Visualiation


  • R
  • Python
  • Tableau

Data Engineering

Within marketing, getting data from a variety of platforms (website or various social media), a process of amalgamating that data into fact tables for analysts or scientists to use is crucial.


  • Data Ingestion and Transformation
  • Measurement Strategy / Plan
  • ETL Automation


  • SQL
  • Source to Target Tools: Rivery, Funnel.IO
  • AWS Redshift and S3

Sharing is Caring

I'm a big advocate in participating in quarterly work shares, preparing detailed how-to guides for best practices at work, or volunteering as a mentor for hackathons and/or recruiting events.


  • Presentation Tools: Keynote, PowerPoint

Notable Past Events/Organizations:

  • Ladies Learning Code (YYC, YYZ)
  • University of Calgary (Tech Fest, Markathon)
  • Chic Geek YYC (Geeky Summit 2017 and 2018)

Videography & Creation

Outside of school and work, I grew a personal interest in content creation, specifically in a video format. I focus on sharing my journey as a women in tech and travel adventures with my husband.


  • Adobe Creative Suite (Pr, Ae, Ps, Ai, Id, Lr)
  • Distribution Channels: Instagram, YouTube

No pain, No Gain

Being in a sedentary job comes back pain and lack of movement. To counteract this, I've found my favourite way to release after a long work day - spin, spin and spin! Additionally, on occasion, I won't say no to a HIIT class if there's good company.


  • Spin: Mode Fitness Studio, YYC Cycle
  • HIIT: F45

Relentless Growth

I embrace a growth mindset. Whatever I don't get the first time, I will keep trying to perfect my craft. This is seen in my endless journey of learning through data science courses to maintain understanding of more methodologies or learning the full Adobe Creative Suite to expand my skills in content creation, I'm always striving for that next chapter of growth. There is no better feeling than learning something new!


Selected Projects

Real-Time Personalization
Real-Time Personalization

Real-Time Personalization

Incorporating a personalized shopper experience on an automotive website using supervised learning methodologies to recommend products and provide the closet local dealerships they are available at.

Script Automation
Script Automation

Script Automation

Automating data ingestion, calculations and output of reoccurring reports to reduced time spent on manual, repetitive and tedious processes.

Annual Performance Forecasting
Annual Performance Forecasting

Annual Performance Forecasting

An annual deliverable to predict website traffic and set performance targets for the upcoming year using a multilinear regression model on historical performance.

See what my leaders and coworkers say

''I had the pleasure of managing Shelly at Critical Mass and she was a super star. Kind of a master of everything she puts her mind to - what she doesn't grasp the first time, she will definitely come back and prove she can will second. She deals with adversity in that sense very well, acknowledges that things cant go right all the time but will make them great with time. The biggest value Shelly has is her relentless pursuit of learning and mastering skills on her own or concepts she has never applied professionally before. She wants to succeed and I have no doubt the future has big things lined up for Shelly. I will watch indirectly on the side while she takes her environment by storm."

Ady Gray
Current Data Science Director at Critical Mass

''Shelly is an extraordinary individual. Her talent and drive create a fierce combination that allows her to tackle any challenge given with ease. Working with her over the last few years was an excellent experience for us both. Managing her on all data analytics projects was very enjoyable due to her organization and keen manor. I knew every project that crossed Shellys paths would be delivered above and beyond the expectation.Shelly and I worked on a many different data engineering projects together. She was able to quickly pick up the nuances of each project and coordinate the best way to build and execute each of them. Her knowledge in programming allowed her to think through the best way to deploy models, write script and automate data flows based on standard data structures.I will miss talking and working with her each day, as her bubbly personality rivals that of her intellect. I can only hope to work with her once again."

Kory Postma
Previous Lead at Critical Mass

''Shelly is one of those rare individuals who has mastered both the business and the technical aspects of the IT industry. She has excellent creative vision mixed with a solid technical background. This combination was applied to many IT projects, providing a smooth translation of technical information to entertaining, easy to understand written and digital communications. Shelly will be an excellent addition to any company she works with in the future!"

Renee Schamber
Previous Leader at TransAlta Corporation
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