— About me

Hi, I'm Shelly-Ginelle Resurreccion (Sicat) but you can call me Shelly!

Data Scientist/Engineer,
Active Spin Student
& avid explorer

My career path first started with my undergraduate education. At the University of Calgary, I studied computer science and pursued two concentrations, human-computer interaction and software engineering.

Bachelors in Computer Science

                                   As this degree was predominantly male, I remember every time there was a group assignment, females had to be split from each other so that each group would have at least one female perspective! This urged me to join in the discussion of "women in tech" where I found a bunch of non-profit organizations such as Ladies Learning Code, Chic Geek YYC and UofC's RoboGals! Volunteering over the weekends exposed me to the strong and fearless in the industry. This encouraged me to learn more and want to be a similar encouraging and empowering voice for the future generation of women in tech.

Women in Tech
My First publication

As I approached my last year of university, I decided to look for projects to increase my experience. I not only landed my first office job in an IT department but I also decided to join a research lab at school where I grew a strong interest in learning more about robotics. This afforded me the opportunity to create my first publication focused on collaboration between a humanoid and human.

"Playing the mirror game with a humanoid: Probing the social aspects of switching interaction roles" published in 2017 26th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN)

Masters in Digial Media

With the momentum built in my undergraduate degree, I took the leap to further my education and pursue a Masters in Digital Media at The Toronto Metropolitan University.

more publications meant more need for data

                             My thesis focused on designing and developing a wearable architecture catered for ride safety evaluation - analyzing g-force, acceleration, and impact of a ride participant. This meant in order to get enough test data for my final paper, I ended up riding multiple rollercoasters and zip lines - notably riding 60 consecutive times! From there I made python scripts to wrangle and analyze the data.

This resulted in two publications:
• "Physical and digital architecture for collection and analysis of imparted accelerations on Zip Line attractions" published in Themed Experience and Attractions (TEA) Academic Symposium 2018. Orlando 2018.
• "Wearable technology for design and safety evaluation of rider acceleration exposure on Zip Line attractions" published in International Occupational Ergonomics and Safety (ISOES) Conference 2018. Pittsburgh 2018.

Focus on becoming a data Professional

Having a lot of exposure to writing publications, I found that my papers could only be as strong as the data and research that backed up my statements. From there, I started to grow a strong interest in pursuing a career path in data. However, since I didn't have much work experience in the field, I decided to go back to the women in tech volunteer groups as a Analytics and Insights Coordinator to gain tangible experience.

After conjuring up a few months of projects and enough confidence in what I've learned, I started to apply to data related jobs and landed a role as a Marketing Science Analyst at Critical Mass! Ever since then, I've endured 4+ years as a data professional and have been strengthening my skills in data science and engineering.

Client exposure

Fast forward to current day, I've happily explored multiple industries including energy & utilities, electric vehicles and consumer products! Currently, I'm working at Critical Mass, a digital design agency. I take on the role as a Marketing Science Lead specializing in Data Science where I work on data solutions for Fortune 500 companies and well known brands.

Industry Experience
Outside of work

What keeps me going

A strong support system After a long work week, you can often find me spending quality time with my friends, family or Kris (my husband).

Adventure Being married to a pilot, I've been spoiled with travel perks, however, the one thing I look forward to the most is the feeling of freedom you get by simply being on airplane mode avoiding any notifications.

Spin, spin, spin A new found love but important one as this has been my go-to method of removing myself from my desk and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Coffee If there is anything that gets me into a productive state it is treating myself to go to my favourite coffee shop and getting an Americano Misto.

It's been a long and rewarding journey to say the least! And of course, my story is still being written. Feel free to follow me on my socials to get the latest scoop.