Script Automation

Script Automation

Automating data ingestion, calculations and output of reoccurring reports to reduced time spent on manual, repetitive and tedious processes.

Data Ingestion Script Automation
Calgary, AB
1 Month
Project Type
Data Engineering


One of the primary services of Marketing Science for clients is the need to provide daily, weekly or monthly reports of their website traffic or social media performance. As each client utilizes different mediums to capture and store their data, this often leaves analysts to conduct multiple manual extractions and transformations to the data before it is ready for the report. From my initial experience with onboarding to take over these reports, I would spend around ~20 hours on this tedious task.


Any time there is a task that is repetitive that means it is also an opportunity to incorporate some automation to speed up the process to get to your end result. Therefore,

  • I implemented python scripts to handle retrieving data inputs, perform tedious calculations and provide a formatted output for reporting purposes.
  • Managed existing ones and migrated them to a TeamCity implementation or centralized them on a remote desktop for easy team handoff.


This resulted in reducing 60% of the time spent on data collection, calculations and dissemination which opened up my time for other projects.

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